Posted: 22/10/20






The life cycle of a trader is fairly typical. Most of my clients can trade, they are usually on the up slope of profitability. The problem is trading, confidence and money make a dangerous combination. When trading ‘size’, your ability as a trader to make large sums of money can very quickly affect your state of mind.

Many large account traders will have ‘that’ moment where they think ‘I have enough money not to lose trades, I can just add more to trades and ride it out.’ There will certainly be trades where this is the case. However, this is the worst type of trade you can do. Getting away with it, so to speak, is a game that only leads to one outcome, a serious loss.

The chart above shows the P&L of a trader who was used to making large gains and trading large positions. Unfortunately, in month 4 you can see a huge loss occurred due to over confidence and trading positions that were too large. This cost this trader a large sum of money. In fact, it was one single trade that cost him this loss.

The above charts shows:

  • 1. Initial 40 consecutive day winning streak
  • 02. Over confidence mentoring required
  • 03.Get loses back – more reaffirming mentoring needed
  • 04. Consultation and profit banking, future strategy conversation

It was at this point that we started to work together to try and recoup some of the losses to help put this trader back on track. We cut back on trade size and factored in a reasonable amount of time to recoup the losses. A plan was formed to limit the risk of further losses and add profits once more. We worked together for three months to help gain confidence back to maintain a more reasonable trading and risk reward strategy. This trader ended up becoming very profitable.




I came across Steve Ruffley a few years ago, when I purchased his book: ‘The Ruff Guide to Trading: Make money in the markets’. The book instantly resonated with me and became my ‘go-to’ market survival manual from then on.

Steve has had a longstanding career in the financial industry and has a wealth of trading knowledge – “Been there, done that”, as he often says. He is a highly successful and profitable trader. Consequently, I was very excited when I established that I could have the pro himself as a mentor by joining one of his ‘Tier groups’.

I have my own business and was therefore able to fund a six-figure account, with my own funds. At the outset, Steve spent some time with me to obtain some background information on my trading experience and expectations. He also provided me with direct support in order to quickly get the account live and the MT4 platform running, including his iView charts software.

I had undertaken some large positions, with a some degree of success, but trading live is a significant change mentally.

I had to adjust to losing as much, and more than I ever made. Steve was always on-hand with support for those important first trades, and constantly monitored my progress in the background.

Steve’s methodology uses both fundamental and technical analysis, with a selection of tools available e.g. favorite indicators, signals and time frames. Using this simple set of tools, the strategy is not to complicated to execute and provides me with a very effective edge, that provides me with the confidence to push the button.

In the beginning, I found it easy to make money, but I allowed my ego to drive me to take on more significant risk, resulting in the inevitable big loss and consequential drawdown period. It was tough, but I never gave up and with Steve’s constant support we were able to recover the losses. The subsequent strategy was so effective that it resulted in a 50- consecutive day winning streak!

Steve has taught me the necessary skills to analyse where the markets offer value to a retail trader, to make money and how to protect my capital from tricks and traps of the big institutions, as well as my own trading errors. In addition to have a good strategy, I also have a trading plan that I do not deviate from.

We have been working together for a significant period now and I’m happy to say that I am a consistently profitable trader.

No hiding, the P/L does not lie! I would highly recommend Steve.

Thank you for making me one of the top 10% of traders!



"I can pin point and attribute my success when I really started to listen to what Steve said."






Over a period of time I found this method works as stated 80% of the time using the 80/20 rule, and more importantly I had my “Matrix” moment understanding how the market makers hunt for stops to get a better price for them, again taught by you.

I have been trading for a couple of years now with mixed results, ok with longer time frames in stocks and indexes, but I wanted a time frame to suit me and my personality. I came across Steve on a You Tube interview and liked the straight talking factual manner that came through, and liked the methods with the time frames.

I downloaded his book, the Ruff guide to trading, and studied it. First thing that struck me is how I had been over complicating my methods, (human nature to over think) and the book taught me the stripped out tools I need to have a clearer vision, so with this in mind I focused on one of the methods you teach, as it suited me.

The webinar is superb and really well presented and live trading with a guy that it is clear, knows what he is talking about, very refreshing.

When we spoke, he offered really useful tips and support that helped again. This has resulted in a steady healthy growth of my account, and knowing when to cut a loss and move on, (embracing the losses as there inevitable).

What is clear is, it has given me the confidence in a style that suits me, to a point I am happily and steadily increasing my account and therefore position sizes, money makes money.

Thanks for the on tap support and guidance, its transforming me from choppy to a steady consistent trader.



In June 2016 I started trading full time, having first started dabbling in the markets in 2007. I was certainly not new to the markets, but there was in retrospect a lot I didn't know.

It was my first time trading a 6 figure account and the transition in size, combined with the Brexit volatility was causing me to rack up losses, with stops too tight and size too large.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Steve's website and after reading his book, I got in touch and he sent me his software for MetaTrader and scheduled a call later that week.

In the manner of somebody who has 'been there, done that', Steve talked through my situation, the markets and what I hoped to get out of them.
He gave me some guidelines for managing risk and ways to get better entries. He also gave me an idea of some achievable daily / weekly profit targets appropriate to my account size - this wasn't something I'd have really known myself, but has been invaluable as a way for me to chart my progress and know when I may be pushing too hard.

Having implemented his initial advice, my PnL immediately improved and I ended up with more manageable trades which didn't cause such emotional reactions. This was the beginning of a turnaround which would solidify my confidence in being a professional trader. Over the following weeks and months, Steve would regularly keep in touch and offer helpful advice and analysis of the markets.

One of the great things about the way Steve imparts his knowledge is that he doesn't try to influence your existing trading strategy - while it was tempting to ask for specific setups, he manages to give out useful information without spoon feeding you like some signal service. His advice is constantly tailored to what you need at your current stage of development and it's great to know that no matter what level you're at, he can talk through it with the confidence of someone who's pushed through it time and time again.

I can't really imagine being where I am now without Steve's help and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone I know!