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Anyone that trades knows that it's a lonely game. My risk management and mentoring service is designed to give traders the support they need when no one else can help. By having someone with a vast experience in the markets and skin in the game to bounce ideas off, is something my clients have greatly benefited from.

I can't guarantee I will make you rich. I can say with total confidence however, that I can 100% stop you losing as much money, which as most traders know, is more than half of the battle.

You don't have to take all my services, you don't have to listen to what I say. Even if you just get the exclusive TradeBack deals I offer, you are still getting more than you put in from me.

Mentoring is just another way of saying you have spoke to someone probably who knows more on a certain subject. Think of me as a golf Pro. Someone you would ask for pointers in a game you may never master, but still want to improve at.

My process is a combination of the following:

  1. Skype calls and messaging to get to know the trader
  2. 24/7 risk management via my MT4 EA app
  3. Support via email and chat on trading psychology, strategy and trade execution
  4. Account monitoring and performance review via MyFXbook.com
  5. Technical analysis with my MT4 iView Charts

I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs, pilots, business owners and professionals make large returns. This is not a 'get quick rich' scheme. You have to invest your time and money in your own success.


Bally had traded before with Plus 500 from their mobile app. We got on well, which is always a bonus and he was great to mentor as he listened to what I said. He 'got it' very quickly when I explained in trading 'it's not about being right, it's about being right at the right time'.

This is a small part of the overall picture but this ultimately will lead to trading success.

From here I introduced him to my iView Charts that run on MT4. This gave him the ability to study the various markets on the desktop and really get an idea of where the markets were going. Mostly there highlight where big players will inflict pain and where to find true value on both entries and exits. Once he understood this he could then take his trading mobile and make money from anywhere. 

The results were instant and significant.

First month return 198.81% or £42,362*

Monthly Gain 198.81%

Yearly Gain 233.59%

Win Difference 98%

PROFIT £45,271

This all may seem too good to be true. This client had blown up a few accounts before working with me.  

Every trader I mentor is unique and it is only down to the years of experience I have with trading and managing other traders that I can get the best results for people, fast.

You don't necessarily have to know about trading or have traded before but it is a big advantage.

*All clients are linked to www.myfxbook.com





The first thing to remember in trading there is not second chances. When I work with you you need to be ready to trade now. This is why I ask you to open an account and deposit your funds before we start. Many traders want to test, they want to think they can get the answers before they trade THIS DOES NOT WORK. 

Trading is all about controlling emotion. Seeing how you interact with the markets. When you start to trade properly and with size this changes, nothing can prepare you for this apart for actually doing it.  

1. The initial contact

We can do this via email, Skype call, messaging what ever you want. There is not set time there is not set process. I just need to get an idea of what you are all about. Mostly you will tell me what I want to hear, don't worry I get this a lot. There will be nothing you can tell me I have not heard before and there is nothing you can say I can't see through.

2. Risk management

This is a series of conversations and strategy session to see what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them. The corner stone of successful trading is being able to cut your loses. With my automated EA once we set these risk parameters you can see then alert you in every trade. It's down to you to choose to ignore them.


I will be available in Skype. This is the skin in the game, the constant support traders need. Anyone who has traded knows trading is a lonely game. There are few people you can trust to talk to that will get you through the bad times in trading, lets face it when you are making money trading is easy, sometimes far too easy!

4. Constant monitoring

I link you up to MYFXbook.com This means you have a constant record of every trade, every win loss ratio, and a profitability curve. This means you can not lie to me. Your trades and you risk reward are there in black and white for us both to see. This is accountability most traders need, especially people with money who think they can do what they want.

5. My iView Charts

You will get the same MT4 charts I use to trade and manage my funds. This will give you an automated frame work of every market we ill use to trade. From Fibonacci to lagging indicators such as the Bias you will see the charts in the same way I do.

This will give you the consistency you need. Technically you will see how technical analysis works on every time frame and how to spot at trading opportunity on any product at any time. What to trade and what NOT to trade. 

You access Tier 2 & 3 for FREE if you open an account and deposit $5k-$25k at CMC or Black Bull

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Tree Cahrt 33

I came across Steve Ruffley a few years ago, when I purchased his book ‘The Ruff Guide to Trading: Make money in the markets’. The book instantly resonated with me and became my ‘go-to’ market survival manual from then on.

Steve has had a longstanding career in the financial industry and has a wealth of trading knowledge – “Been there, done that”, as he often says. He is a highly successful and profitable trader. Consequently, I was very excited when I established that I could have the pro himself as a mentor by joining one of his ‘Tier groups’.

I have my own business and was therefore able to fund a six-figure account, with my own funds. At the outset, Steve spent some time with me to obtain some background information on my trading experience and expectations. He also provided me with direct support in order to quickly get the account live and the MT4 platform running, including his iView Charts software.

Tree Chart 2

The first month of trading size with my own cash was the test make or break!

I had undertaken some large positions, with a some degree of success, but trading live is a significant change mentally. I had to adjust to losing as much, and more than I ever made. Steve was always on-hand with support for those important first trades, and constantly monitored my progress in the background.

Steve’s methodology uses both fundamental and technical analysis, with a selection of tools available e.g. favorite indicators, signals and time frames. Using this simple set of tools, the strategy is not to complicated to execute and provides me with a very effective edge, that provides me with the confidence to push the button.

In the beginning, I found it easy to make money, but I allowed my ego to drive me to take on more significant risk, resulting in the inevitable big loss and consequential draw down period. It was tough, but I never gave up and with Steve’s constant support we were able to recover the losses. The subsequent strategy was so effective that it resulted in a 50- consecutive day winning streak!

Steve has taught me the necessary skills to analyse where the markets offer value to a retail trader, to make money and how to protect my capital from tricks and traps of the big institutions, as well as my own trading errors. In addition to have a good strategy, I also have a trading plan that I do not deviate from.

We have been working together for a significant period now and I’m happy to say that I am a consistently profitable trader. No hiding, the P/L does not lie! I would highly recommend Steve. Thank you for making me one of the 10%!